BE-A Walker

Our new game BE-A Walker got page on Steam.
It is a side-scroller walking simulator in which you are playing as a pilot of the battle mech called BE-A Walker (Biped Enhanced Assault Walker), defending a human colony from the hordes of savage natives located on Eldorado planet.

Here is the promo-trailer:


Sumoman on Steam


Sumoman update #20

We don’t have enough free time to make blog updates. We are too busy preparing our game for release. But here is a little update.

All puzzles in the game are finished.  But we have a lot of bugs to fix yet. And we are working on story line at the moment.

Here is the couple of new screenshots:

sumoman_1 sumoman_2

We have made full controller support. Here is the video of gamepad tutorial:

And one more video for fun. Enjoy it.


Sumoman update #19

Good news! We almost have finished all of the levels for a single game. There are still some little issues indeed. But mostly all levels are ready. For example, here is the long screenshot of Night Town level:

It took us a lot of time to complete the final level. It is very big and complicated in production and testing. But it is also very interesting. Here are concept-art, that I did a couple years ago, and screen with mockup of the level:
watches_level      gears_mockup2

And here is the video with a one hardcore place of this level.  Players will hate us for such complicated moment. But it is the final level — it should be most complicated!

There are a lot of work still: sounds, storyline, music and levels for split screen mode.


Sumoman update #18

Keep on working on new levels. We try to add something new in every new level — game mechanics, graphics. For example: part of level about rafting:

And this is mockup of one more new level — «Moss Garden». Inspiration is a real moss garden in Kyoto — Saiho-ji.

moss_garden_1   moss_garden_2

After adding trees and fog:

moss_garden_4   moss_garden_5


Sumoman update #17

A lot of new videos today.
We have finished intro video about Sumoman. We decided to make Japanese voiceover and subtitles for other languages. It is a pretty hard to make voiceover for every language.

Next video is walkthrough of one of thee levels. This is a Limbo-style level. This is one of the references to games that inspired us so much.

Part of new level that we have just finished. A puzzle with a box and big thing with wheels.


Sumoman update #16

Great news — Sumoman has been greenlit!


We have been greenlit dec 30. It is some kind of New Year present for us. But there is a lot of work still. And we are working hard all the time.

Here are some reults:

New cave layer. The sound on this movie is not final.

New race level for two players. It is Ninja Dojo — training yard for young ninjas.

ninja_dojo_race   ninja_dojo_race_1



Finalist Certifycate of IFG China 2014.

We just have got certificate of finalist IGF China 2014. We forgot to take it in Shanghai somehow. Thanks organizations for delivering it.



Sumoman update#15


We are on the Steam Greenlight!

And we need your help now! Vote, and tell about us and our game your freinds, please.



GDC China


We have became one of 8 finalist in Main Competition of the 6th Independent Games Festival China (IGF China)! So, we are going to Shanghai on GDC China.

As I understand we will have some booth for showing our game there. Anyone can meet us there and play Sumoman. Is anybody going there?

Here is the list of finalist: