About game

Mighty sumo wrestler travels immersed in a magical dream island. He is only one man who can resist the charms of the evil sorcerer and wake the sleeping princess.

Sumoman — is horizontal arcade based on Unigine engine. A lot of physical puzzles, destructive objects and time rewind feature will be in this game. We are planing to publish Sumoman at different platforms: Win, Mac, iOS and Android.

Engine: Unigine

Platforms: Windows, Linux, IOs, Android.

Release date: unknown.


sumoman_pc_1_large sumoman_pc_2_large

sumoman_pc_3_large sumoman_pc_4_large

sumoman_pc_5_large sumoman_pc_6_large

sumoman_pc_7_large sumoman_pc_8_large


hero garden


Mobile version

sumoman_mobile_1_large sumoman_mobile_2_large

 sumoman_mobile_3_large sumoman_mobile_4_large