About game

Sumoman is an adventure puzzle platformer with advanced physics, destructible objects and the ability to reverse time. Solve various physical puzzles, trying to keep the unstable Sumoman on his feet in challenging environments.

A young Sumoman is returning home from a sumo tournament only to find his fellow countrymen in a dramatic peril. Someone has enchanted the inhabitants of the island, putting them into an eternal slumber. Our clumsy, yet fearless hero starts his journey across the beautiful, ancient Japan to find the source of the magical dream. He will have to overcome puzzling contraptions and threatening surroundings in order to break the dream spell and wake up the charmed people. Sumoman makes no haste, however, because nothing would be worse for our noble hero than to fall over and lie helplessly.

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Key Features

  • Unstable main hero. Sumoman can’t get up if he falls over.

  • Time reverse feature. Every sumo wrestler can rewind time. Didn’t you know?

  • Physical puzzles. Can you solve even the simplest puzzle if Sumoman falls over every time?

  • Lots of humor and Easter Eggs.

  • Split-screen mode with special competitive levels for 2 players. Be faster than your friend in sumo racing, or beat them in the King of the Hill mode.

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Engine: Unigine

Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Release date: 28 Mar, 2017


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